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Begin on the Inside.

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About Blush

We're a brand made specifically for women! We're fusing together powerful ingredients to help you thrive from the inside out!

As CBD experts, we’re all about fusing together locally sourced CBD and other powerful ingredients for real results.

We stay in constant communication with Blush customers to give you exactly what you want and need most.

Insides First.

Blush Desire gives you the CBD-infused nutrients you need to help your mind and body find balance, focused energy, and a greater sense of calm.

Awaken CBD Chocolate Bites

White Chocolate Crunch Berry

Balance CBD Tincture

The secret to daily balance & everyday wellness.

PMS CBD Chocolate Bites

Chocolate Caramel

PMS CBD Cramp Relief Patch

PMS & Period Relief Will Never Be the Same

Soothe CBD Roll-On

Recover from discomfort