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I've Suffered from Excruciating Period Cramps for Too Long… Until I tried this!

Goodbye cramps... it’s been real!

I am one of the 80% of women in the world who struggle with horrible PMS symptoms and period cramps. It’s been horrible for me since I was about 12-years-old.

I can’t tell you how many days I’ve spent huddled up on the couch under a blanket… downing a bunch of pain meds to get through the day… or saying no to things I love to do because I’m drowning in discomfort and pain.

I’ve also struggled with some pretty gnarly stomach issues from taking OTC drugs for my period. Recently, I had the first signs of an ulcer and I was over it! From that moment on, I decided to try to do things naturally — to figure out how to better support my body’s needs rather than ignoring it all and masking my discomfort.

So went on a rampage and tried all sorts of herbs, rubs, tonics, bath salts, you name it…

And then the whole CBD craze hit. I couldn’t help but look into it. I’ve tried a variety of products and some work better than others. I even tried CBD suppositories, but they weren’t for me.

Enter Blush CBD Period Relief Patches

I found out about Blush in an Allure article. They’ve poured all of their focus on creating products that specifically target the stressors and pressures that we women face on a daily basis.

Because I WANT TO KNOW what’s best, I called Blush and talked to their support team. I explained that I wanted to test one of their products and then share my experience with others. The next thing I knew, one of their product developers called me. (I have to admit I was a bit shocked she wanted to talk to me, but it was awesome!)

Tiffany, the product developer and manager at Blush explained to me how CBD works. “Did you know you have an endocannabinoid system?” she asked me. (Ha, I was embarrassed to admit I had no idea.)

“It’s this system in all of our bodies that scientists discovered back in the 90s. They found ECS receptors all over our bodies and also discovered that it’s intricately involved in the female reproductive system. The endocannabinoid system may be involved in regulating physiological and cognitive processes, including pain-sensation, mood, and memory. So this is why CBD is making a difference for a growing number of women. It helps boost your ECS system, which scientists are figuring out has a lot to do with the menstrual cycle and how the body deals with inflammation.”

Ha… I have to admit, I was following her but I just wanted to try it. To answer the question: Do they really work or is it all hype? A Placebo?

Tiffany suggested I start with cramp relief patches to naturally ease my discomfort:

What Is a Blush Period Relief Patch?

It’s 2-inch by 2-inch CBD-infused, clear patch that you place on your abdomen and fits right under your clothes. It drives a mix of 50MG of Broad Spectrum CBD, 2mg Menthol, and 1mg Black Cohosh right into areas of discomfort and then into your endocannabinoid system to help reduce cramps, inflammation and other causes of PMS and period discomfort. The patch is designed to work within 15 minutes of application and last up to 24 hours, so when your cramps start to kick in you don’t have to wait hours for Advil to help alleviate symptoms.

Why the Blush Cramp Patch Worked AMAZINGLY Well for Me

My patches came in a few days — then I had to wait about a week before my period started. Like clockwork, the first day my period started my cramps snuck up like a thief in the night.

I got up out of bed and put a Blush CBD Cramp Relief Patch on. Within minutes, it began to take effect. I could feel the menthol create a cooling sensation that was super soothing. Within about 15 minutes my cramps were gone… gone! I was so happy and relieved 🙂

My pain went away for about 24 hours. I didn’t take a single OTC pain med. I can’t tell you how significant this is for me, as in a 24-hour period I’ve been known to sometimes take 12+ Advil. Also, I loved how easily the patch fit under my clothes. No one knew I was using it.

I ended up using two more patches during my period. The only thing I wished was that I had a few more to try on my back. Sometimes my back pain is so bad, I can barely handle it. I’m thinking it would have helped to have one on my abs and one on my back. I’m going to try this next month!

Conclusion: I’m Now an Official Monthly Subscriber to Blush’s Cramp Relief Patches

In short, I am really happy with my Blush’s CBD Relief Patches. I’ve decided to order a monthly supply. For me, I think two boxes will work well, as I want to apply them to my back as well.

I’m super excited about this line of products. They work well for me, and I’m so happy I can finally feel free to keep my OTC pain meds for emergency situations. I love the fact that I can manage my PMS and period issues naturally. It’s so freeing!

Tiffany at Blush was excited about me sharing my experience and is giving my readers 1 free patch to try! It’s limited to first time patch customers and limited to this week only.

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