Pain is one of the most common and challenging struggles for anyone. Even if you are fortunate not to experience pain regularly, it is almost guaranteed that you know someone who does.

Pain can be acute (meaning it comes on suddenly) or chronic (meaning it persists over time). One-third of Americans suffer from chronic pain, which can be debilitating and harms their daily lives. 

Opioids and other drugs often used for pain relief have numerous side effects, not to mention the risk of addiction.

The good news is that thanks to advances in medical technology and research, there are now many new ways to relieve chronic pain without having to take addictive opioids or other drugs with side effects, and one of these safer alternatives is CBD.


What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is the second most dominant chemical in the hemp or cannabis plant. However, CBD products usually use cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant.

These days, hemp-derived CBD products are used to treat various health conditions. This is due to the great potential of CBD products against conditions such as chronic pain, sleep disorders, and psychological issues like anxiety and stress.

Health websites are also endorsing further research and discovery in the field of CBD and CBD products.


What Are The Effects Of CBD?

To understand the impact of CBD on the body, one must first have some knowledge of the human endocannabinoid system.


Endocannabinoid System

The endocannabinoid system is a highly organized system of neurotransmitters that helps to regulate certain aspects of life, including sleep, appetite, and immune system response. 

CBD interacts with neurotransmitters and affects the activity of endocannabinoid receptors. This, in turn, stimulates various reactions that have pain-relieving benefits.


Benefits Of CBD

CBD oils and CBD creams are effective when it comes to pain management and treating other health conditions. 

In most cases, CBD products are considered bearable and non-reactionary, but they come with some downfalls. Consumers have been noted to experience fatigue, drowsiness, and diarrhea.

Drug interactions with CBD are also under research and should be thoroughly discussed by one’s medical professional before consuming any CBD product. 

Best CBD Products To Relieve Pain?

How Can CBD Help With Pain Relief?

Inflammatory and neuropathic pain-related behaviors are issues that burden a considerable percentage of the population. 


Animal Studies

Since the Farm Bill of 2018 removed CBD from the controlled substances act, many relevant animal studies have been conducted to determine if CBD oil can be used to manage pain. These studies have shown that CBD oil is effective in pain relief and dealing with pain symptoms.

The rat model was performed to see the efficacy of CBD gel against joint pain and swelling. A higher dose of CBD was seen to provide pain relief and be more beneficial than certain medications.


Human Studies

Although limited research has been done in this area, clinical data has proven that cannabinoids suppress inflammatory symptoms, providing pain-relieving effects. Whether broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate, consumers have reported pain-relieving results.

Additionally, topical application of CBD in patients with peripheral neuropathy of the lower limbs appeared helpful in treating pain, such as chronic pain related to kidney transplantation.

CBD medication did not substantially lower pain measurements in studies of generalized chronic pain, but participants reported a consistent increase in quality of life and sleep.


Best CBD Products To Relieve Pain?

There is a great variety of CBD products out there in the market. Various health websites outline essential factors you should consider while choosing a suitable CBD product.

These are vital things to look out for when buying the best CBD products for pain management. 


Hemp Oil Vs. CBD Oil

It is essential first to address a significant misconception. Hemp oil and CBD oil are not the same. Hemp oil is extracted by cold-pressing the hemp seeds, while CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant’s leaves, flowers, and stalk. Hemp oil has lower cannabinoid content than CBD oil.


Levels Of THC

THC percentage in the given product may also impact your desired pain relief result.

The CBD market produces various CBD oils to deal with pain symptoms, such as full-spectrum CBD oil, broad-spectrum CBD oil, and CBD isolates. These products vary in the cannabinoids they contain and the amounts of THC in them.

To choose the right product, it is essential to research which type of product can address your needs. 


Dosage Of CBD 

Dosage is another crucial aspect to see if you wish to use CBD extract for chronic pain management. While the dosage of CBD for pain relief varies significantly from person to person, you may want to discuss this detail with your healthcare professional.


Safety Regulations

While many nonprescription CBD products are available to consumers, we suggest buying products only from well-known companies like Blush Wellness to ensure you get your CBD extract from a reliable source.

It is equally important to buy from sellers that offer third-party testing and a Certificate of Analysis (CoA). 

How To Use CBD Pain Relief Products Effectively?

How To Use CBD Pain Relief Products Effectively?

There are many CBD products, and their usage differs based on their method and mechanism.


CBD Oils And Tinctures

CBD oils for pain relief and CBD tinctures are to be absorbed under your tongue. Taking CBD oil has the benefit of directly entering your bloodstream, and some people find this way of pain relief quicker and react better towards it.

However, you should first confirm with your doctor how much CBD oil you can consume regularly. 


Topical CBD products

Topical CBD products such as CBD creams are traditionally applied to the affected area. CBD topicals have proven to be more beneficial in dealing with localized pain and skin issues.

To apply CBD cream, you first need to moisten it up between your palms and fingers, and then the CBD product is to be applied gently, in circular motions to the areas that need it.


Best Places To Buy CBD For Pain Products

You should always buy CBD creams and oils from reliable sellers with valid licenses to sell medical cannabis. 

Best CBD products are accurate to the advertised content and composition mentioned on their packaging. Whether it be full-spectrum CBD extract or broad-spectrum CBD, products that contain the factual composition of CBD are the most beneficial. 

This is important because many CBD oils and edible items are not manufactured per the composition mentioned on their labels, which can result in a positive drug test.

To treat pain with promising results, you must check in with your physician to purchase trustworthy, high-quality CBD products. You must also buy CBD legally, confirming the source of CBD extract and your respective state laws regarding CBD.


Conclusion on CBD Oil For Pain

The benefits of CBD have seen a steep increase in growth potential, especially regarding pain relief. Several studies have indicated CBD oil is helpful for pain. 

CBD oil does have potential as a pain reliever, and it may assist patients in managing chronic pain in various circumstances. However, more research is required, particularly long-term studies involving human participants.

Due to its absence of intoxicating effects and promise for less adverse effects than many other pain treatments, CBD oil is particularly intriguing.

Turning towards CBD for your chronic or arthritis pain issues is only impactful once your healthcare professional thoroughly processes your data.



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