What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil stands for Cannabidiol, a chemical found in the Cannabis plant. Cannabidiol is unlike THC, and CBD does not cause feelings of euphoria. Instead, CBD has various health benefits, including relief from chronic pain, a significant reduction in anxiety, and potential benefits in treating seizures. You can find popular cannabidiol products like CBD gummies and CBD oil tinctures.

Although there is a long list of CBD products with potential clinical benefits and health conditions that can be helped with CBD, this article will focus on the best CBD oil to help treat seizures. Further research still needs to be done on how commercial CBD products can affect seizure activity. So, consult with a healthcare professional if you plan to try CBD oils to control seizures or other forms to avoid any adverse effects or conflicts with other medications.


What Are Seizures?

When the electrical activity in your brain shifts, it can cause a seizure. There are many different reasons for seizures:

With some seizures, it has been proven that CBD oil can help. Keep reading to discover which seizures CBD oil helps and how it works.

CBD Medical Uses

How Does CBD Oil Work to Help Control Seizures?

In your body, there is a system of neurotransmitters and receptors called the endocannabinoid system. This system helps regulate a variety of functions in your body, including appetite, sleep, and pain. The endocannabinoid system also impacts your immune system. 

Taking CBD oil can repair these functions by connecting with the receptors in your endocannabinoid system

There are three conditions that the FDA approves CBD oil to treat. But, first, let’s look at the three FDA-approved CBD oils for seizures.


CBD For Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS) is a severe form of epilepsy usually revealed during infancy or early childhood. Children who have LGS may be delayed in developmental milestones. Various medical conditions can cause LGS, but sometimes there is no underlying cause. 

Two 14-week clinical trials were treating LGS with a CBD-based drug called Epidolex. Half of the participants in the study experienced 44% fewer seizures, meaning that CBD thrived in aiding children with their seizures.


CBD For Dravet Syndrome

Dravet Syndrome is a rare form of epilepsy that occurs in infancy. Dravet Syndrome is known not to respond well to medications.

In a trial, Epidolex reduced the seizures in Dravet Syndrome by 39%. 


CBD For Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

Tuberous Sclerosis causes tumors to grow all over the body, including the brain. When these tumors grow in the brain, they can cause seizures.

A study was done on tuberous sclerosis patients, and it was found that Epidolex improved the group by 48%. 


CBD Oils For Other Seizures

Many studies have proven that CBD can help the effectiveness of epilepsy drugs by amplifying the drug’s effectiveness. Therefore, CBD oils can help treat epilepsy and be used for seizure control. 


How Can I Use CBD Oil For Seizures?

First and foremost, always work with a doctor when pursuing treatment with CBD products. Your doctor can help ensure that CBD doesn’t interact negatively with any medicines you take. CBD, combined with some medications, can cause liver damage. 

In some research, some patients experienced more seizures after taking Epidolex. This is why it is essential to collaborate with your doctor to determine if CBD products are right for you. If successful, Epidolex dosages can be moved up by your doctor to a maximum of 10mg/kg twice per day.

Never take CBD for seizures as a replacement for any medication unless your doctor advises you to do so. Instead, work with your doctor to find a high-quality brand of CBD, as unapproved CBD products were shown to have too much THC, which can trigger seizures. However, third-party tested CBD products are held to a high standard and do not have the THC content that other CBD products tend to have. 


Final Thoughts on CBD For Seizures

In conclusion, CBD has been shown to reduce seizures in many ways, and it is best to discuss any possible treatment with your doctor. And make sure to buy high-quality CBD oil so you can enjoy the effects of the best CBD oils with quality assurance. A couple of excellent options are Blush Serenity gummies or Blush Balance CBD oils.



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