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Broad Spectrum CBD Roll-Ons for Your Every Desire

Strategic CBD + botanically derived essential oil blends to help you find the perfect mix of energy, comfort, calm, and balance.

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Blush Wellness CBD Roll-On Products

Broad Spectrum Blush CBD Roll-Ons for Your Every Desire

These CBD and botanically-derived essential oil blends provide the perfect mix of energy, comfort, calm, and balance.


What Are Blush Wellness Roll-On Products?

The Blush CBD oil roll-on products provide a soothing experience when you need a boost of productivity, an escape from PMS symptoms, or need to find total relaxation before bed. Crafted with high-quality essential oils, these roll-on sticks are made with broad-spectrum CBD that’s cruelty-free and great for all skin types.


Cruelty-Free Blush CBD Roll-On

Awaken CBD Roll-On– Combined with spearmint and ylang-ylang, the Awaken CBD topical roll-on stick is one of the best CBD roll-on options when you want a pick-me-up that can help you focus, get some energy, and kick stress to the curb.

PMS CBD Roll On– The PMS CBD roll-on for period pain relief is perfect for dealing with cramps and headaches before and during your period. Made with 500mg of CBD and combined with menthol, peppermint (which is excellent for pain-related nausea), chamomile, and cinnamon, this CBD pain relief roll-on is just the ticket to get moving when your period wants to slow you down.

Serenity CBD Roll-On– The Serenity CBD roll-on oil is perfect when you want to catch some Zzzs. This formula has been paired with the most soothing essential oils to help you drift off to sleep. So whether you’re having trouble sleeping, need to relax, or want to take your nightly ritual to the next level, this CBD roll-on stick will help you get your rest. And it smells incredible too!


Why Choose Blush Wellness CBD Bath Products?

The Blush line of CBD oil roll-on products has been lab-tested and is cruelty-free. However, we understand that making something is just as important as its effectiveness. So we created our roll-on CBD oils with all-natural broad-spectrum CBD  in travel-ready, easy-to-apply vials that work on all skin types.


Frequently Asked Questions


What does a CBD roll-on do?

A CBD roll-on is another way to get the oil into your system. You apply the oil using the roller onto your skin, and your body absorbs the goodness we packed inside. We use a combination of essential oils and varying strengths of CBD, ranging from 250 mg to a CBD roll-on of 1000 mg, to deliver powerful results. CBD has been shown to help with inflammation, pain, anxiety, and skin conditions.


Does a CBD roll-on get you high?

CBD does not get you “high,” but it offers a calming effect. The active ingredient in marijuana that creates the intoxicating effect is THC. Therefore, we do not use it in our CBD roll-on products. It is not a psychoactive substance, so you won’t feel high when you take it. Instead, it’s designed to create a mild, mellow, relaxed sensation.


How often should you use a CBD roll-on?

You can use your CBD roll-on oil roughly three to four times a day. CBD is fat-soluble, which means it’s stored in your fat cells and builds up over time. That means using it regularly is the best way to see results. Of course, your body will break it down and eliminate it, but it does so slowly.



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