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Luxurious, CBD-Infused Skin Care for the Ultimate Glow

Blush formulas are packed with industry-proven ingredients + infused with CBD to keep your skin nourished and hydrated.

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Blush Wellness CBD Skincare

Luxurious, CBD-Infused Skin Care for the Ultimate Glow

Blush CBD skincare formulas are packed with industry-proven ingredients and infused with CBD to keep your skin nourished and hydrated.


Blush Wellness CBD Skin Care Line

Blush Wellness is the best in CBD skin care products. You’ll find something for your skincare needs, from our age-defying cream to CBD lip scrub. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a powerful antioxidant. It also offers impressive anti-inflammatory benefits that make it ideal for skin and wellness products.

If you’re dealing with oil, acne, discomfort or swelling from breakouts, or even dry skin, CBD face care can help your get the gorgeous skin you deserve. Best of all, there’s no particular way to use the Blush Skincare line. Instead, it follows the same order and application as non-infused products and gets to work for you as soon as you use it.

CBD skincare benefits are waiting, and when you use it regularly, you’ll soon see an improvement in your skin condition and even mood! So soak up the goodness with a Blush mask, Blush Beam Brightening Cream, and so much more.


What is Blush CBD Skincare?

From our CBD cleanser to our Blush serum with CBD, we’ve got a full range of products to suit all your skin and wellness needs. But, first, let’s look at our incredible lineup of CBD-infused skincare products.


Blush CBD Skincare Line Products

Age-Defying Cream– Our age-defying cream is packed with 1000mg Broad Spectrum CBD oil derived from hemp. With additional proven ingredients, this cream nurtures and hydrates delicate skin for the ultimate plumping effect. Lab-tested, GMO & cruelty-free, this CBD anti-aging cream boosts collagen-like no other. 

Anti-Aging Eye Mask– Featured in Allure, this CBD skincare mask for the eyes is just the ticket when you need de-puffing and firming. It boosts collagen production and features 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD and other proven ingredients like Caffeine and Hyaluronic Acid.

Bio-Cellulose Facial Sheet Mask– Hydrating, plumbing, and collagen boosting, this Blush face mask features 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD, Hyaluronic Acid, and Rosehip oil. The bio-cellulose, derived from coconuts, floods your tired skin with plant-based collagen to leave it looking and feeling younger and moisturized.

Brightening Face Serum– It’s everything you want in a brightening facial serum. Using CBD, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and powerful essential oils and antioxidants, this serum hydrates, boosts collagen and leaves skin looking brighter and more even. So say goodbye to dark spots and uneven tone!

CBD Facial Kit– Take home the Blush Wellness CBD skin care Facial Kit when you want to jump-start your skincare routine. THIS KIT TAKES YOUR SKIN TO NEW HEIGHTS with CBD sheet masks, Caviar eye masks, and accessories. All the products are designed to be hydrating, plumping, and collagen-boosting. 

CBD Foaming Cleanser– Forty milligrams of CBD take this cleanser from the same-old thing to incredible. With Thyme, Rosehip oil, and Sandalwood, it works to clean your skin and soothe it and clarify it. Always cruelty-free, use this CBD cleanser to unlock glowing skin.

Complete Clarifying Toner– Say so long to blemishes, redness, and dry skin! This CBD-infused clarifying toner shrinks pores, nurtures skin, and boosts collagen production. Paired with Centella Asiatic, the “hydrating skin-saver,” our CBD toner restores your skin’s PH balance for a more confident you.

Gentle CleanserThis gentle cleanser is packed with potent CBD to soothe and nurture your skin. The antioxidants and amino acids will keep your skin looking youthful and bright without aggravating sensitive skin. Plus, it’s one of the most nutrient-dense formulas from Blush.

Illuminating Glow Oil– This oil is luxurious and hydrating with a plethora of nourishing oils, including 250mg of CBD. It will leave your skin glowing from within.

Lip Mask– Plump your lips with this hydrating, collagen-boosting formula with 25mg CBD oil. This mask will give you delightfully kissable lips with nourishing oils and Luo Han Guo.

Lip Scrub– Get that smile soft and smooth with this CBD lip scrub infused with Luo Han Guo and nourishing oils. You’ll get rid of that dry skin for easy lipstick or lip gloss applications. It’s also super tasty!

Rose Quartz Facial Roller– This roller is the perfect way to reduce puffiness and encourage blood circulation. It’s also a great way to apply your serums and add a little spa-like treat to your morning ritual.

Rose Quartz Gua Sha– This tool helps your skin absorb moisturizers and oils with natural anti-aging benefits. It’s portable, easy to use, and great for under-eye bags when your sleep was less than perfect the night before.

Soothing Skin & Scalp Oil– Your scalp needs love too! And with this CBD scalp soothing oil, you’ll soothe skin, promote healing, and lock in nutrients for healthy, stronger hair. It’s also great on all your dry patches like elbows, knees, and feet.


Why Choose Blush CBD Skincare?

Blush stands by our CBD products and always lab tests them to ensure their quality and potency. We know everyday life is often hectic and, at worst, stressful. Our CBD skin care Beauty and Desire lines can help you feel and look your best, improving wellness from the inside out. We use broad-spectrum CBD so that all of the plant’s natural benefits infuse our CBD skincare.

When used regularly, we’re sure you’ll see an improvement in your hair, skin, and mood. Pair our lines together for the ultimate CBD experience and achieve that outer and inner harmony you deserve. We hope that you’ll make Blush skincare a part of your daily rituals and experience all the benefits of this incredible oil firsthand.


Frequently Asked Questions


What does CBD do for skin?

CBD is a powerful antioxidant, which is an excellent choice for inflammation, acne, and calming skin. It can help regulate oil production, which can lead to breakouts and acne, it helps minimize redness and swelling, and hydrate skin.


Is CBD really good for the skin?

Cannabidiol is an excellent addition to a CBD skin care regimen. When combined with other proven ingredients, it can help you achieve the glowing skin you’ve always wanted. Antioxidants help our skin cells stand up to daily oxidation that causes them to break down, which helps to keep our skin looking younger and less stressed. The fatty acids in CBD oil also help improve your skin’s structure. They allow it to hang onto moisture better, which means it’s not battling against dryness all day, giving it a fatigued look. It also helps the skin transport electrolytes and reduces hyperpigmentation by balancing melanin levels.


Is CBD good for acne scars?

Hemp, or CBD, oil can help improve acne scars as they’re healing because it reduces healing time, boosts collagen, and stimulates cell turnover and regeneration. It also offers antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and oil-reducing benefits. In addition, because CBD helps regulate oil production, it can also help prevent future breakouts by preventing excess oil from mixing with dead skin cells and clogging pores. That means it can help stop acne before it starts when it’s more challenging to deal with.


Is CBD good for wrinkles?

Blush CBD oil derived from hemp can treat and prevent symptoms of skin aging. The compound chemicals help the skin reduce oxidative stress, which occurs when free radicals damage the skin and gradually cause wrinkles and fine lines. Because it stimulates skin regeneration and boosts collagen, it can help to reduce the look of wrinkles and improve skin’s firmness and elasticity. It also helps skin to hold onto moisture better, which decreases as we age, leaving us with supple, brighter skin that appears younger and more even. This makes Blush CBD skin care products a must for any beauty regimen.



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