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This Is the ONLY Eye Mask That's Taken My Puffy Under Eye Bags Away

Morning Eyes, meet your damn match.

I’m a 30-something and have been getting frustrated when I wake up in the morning. Sometimes my eyes are so puffy I don’t want to leave the house. And then fine lines… ahhh!… they seem to be popping up way more than I’d like to admit.

So I went on a mission to find an eye mask that helps me do 3 things:

  1. Rid me of under eye bags & puffiness.
  2. Hydrate & plump the skin around my eyes.
  3. Eliminate (or even lessen) the fine lines I see popping up.

My search was extensive and somewhat expensive. Ha! But I’m a woman on a mission, as I really want to protect and nurture my skin before it’s too late.

The first eye mask I tried in my search made the skin around my eyes so red and irritated — it took a whole day for the irritation to calm down.

Another eye mask duo contained a HORRIBLE fragrance that made my eyes water and sting. I could barely see for 30 minutes! And then there were those that didn’t do much of anything… I’m pretty sure they’re just gimmicks.

I was about to give up on my search for an eye mask… and then I read an article in Allure about Blush’s Bio-Cellulose CBD Caviar Eye Masks. They contain a mix of all sorts of powerful nutrients. But the ingredient that stood out to me most is CBD.

As you probably already know, CBD has become THE hot topic lately. I have friends who use tinctures, eat CBD gummies and chocolates, and use it for pain, but i don’t know many people who use it for skincare. So, when I saw that Blush is using it in an eye mask, I wanted to understand why… and what I found really made me want to give it a try.

My Research on CBD for Skin Care Revealed the Following

  • Anti-aging: Scientists have found that CBD oil has lots of naturally-occurring antioxidants that can help counteract free-radical damage and inspires the body to let go of inflammation. This also in theory helps with puffiness and bags under the eyes.
  • Wrinkles, Skin Dullness, and Ruddy Skin Tone: When CBD is infused with other powerful botanically-derived ingredients, they work together to calm the skin and help it become more supple and alive.
  • Acne & Frustrating Bumps Around the Eyes: Because it’s an anti-inflammatory, CBD is helping a growing number of women better control breakouts and frustrating skin conditions.

Understanding this made me REALLY want to try Blush’s CBD masks, as they contain 25mg of CBD Isolate in each pair. It’s what makes Blush stand out from other eye masks I’ve seen on the market and the others were nearly triple the price.

And then, of course, beyond CBD there are a variety of powerful ingredients proven to do amazing things for skin:

#1 – Hyaluronic Acid Is a Miracle Worker

It’s produced naturally within our own skin cells and helps maintain moisture levels. But as we age and we’re constantly hit with environmental factors, our bodies don’t create as much. When this happens, say “hello” to dullness, fine lines, and even tone and texture challenges.

#2 – Collagen Is the Glue That Holds Everything Together

Here’s the drill. None of us can have healthy skin without adequate levels of collagen, especially around our eyes. When collagen breaks down, our worst nightmares come true. Collagen creams and serums, drinking tons of water, quitting smoking, and consuming collagen supplements can make a difference.

#3 – Ginkgo Biloba Clears, Protects, and Defends

Ginkgo Biloba has been used by Chinese doctors for centuries. Why? Because it kills bacteria that can wreak havoc on skin. It’s also packed full with quercetin and kaempferol flavonoids that act as antioxidants and help fight free radicals. It also increases blood flow within the skin, which is important for the overall health of skin.

#4 – Caviar Nourishes & Improves Elastin Breakdown

Caviar has antioxidant properties that protects and nourishes the skin, plus omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, which deeply moisturize and improves skin texture. It has also been proven to help ease fine lines, boost collagen, and improve elastin breakdown.

#5 – Witch Hazel Clarifies and Tightens Pores

According to the research I’ve done, witch hazel is a safe and effective way to clarify skin. It’s been used for centuries by Native Americans as a remedy for all sorts of skin irritations and inflammation. It does wonders for puffy eyes, and under eye bags.

Obviously, Not All Eye Masks Are Created Equally

After my research was complete, I decided to try there free trial offer since I’m a first time customer.

I received my order in the mail 2 days after I placed it and loved the beautiful shipper my Blush order was sent in

It was the afternoon when I received my package and I was ready to roll with the eye mask.

Here were my first thoughts:

The fragrance was nice (very light). As time went on, I felt a bit of tingling around my eyes… in a good way. It felt like some good things were happening. I didn’t feel any irritation. And was feeling super relaxed. I’ve never felt that way when using an eye mask before. At the time I didn’t think about it, but afterward I did some reading and CBD (even in a face mask) can be pretty calming.

When I took the Blush Eye Masks off, I saw some noticeable improvements. I was a bit surprised at how much it helped.

Here’s what my first application helped me with:

  • Reduced Under Eye Puffiness
  • Made My Fine Lines Less Noticeable
  • Brightened My Eyes
  • Calmed Irritation
  • Calmed My Nerves a Bit (this one may seem a bit off topic, but honestly, I felt like the CBD did something to calm me down.)

So… I ended up ordering a box of 3 and by the third application I really noticed a big difference. The skin around my eyes was so much smoother, no more puffiness, and fine lines were almost non-existent.

This experiment proved to me that some eye masks are just not worth the money, but thankfully I’ve found one that really makes a difference for me. I REALLY think the CBD made a big difference… and quickly.

I’ve gone all in on Blush’s masks. I now keep a stock of them and use them weekly. I figured out that if I purchase three boxes at a time, I can save quite a bit of money. Here’s the deal I found if you’re interested.

My hope as I move toward my 40s is that I can keep the skin around my eyes youthful. I’ll check in periodically to let you all know how my effort is panning out! Hope this article has been helpful!

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