When Feeling Good Looks Good

Here at Blush Wellness we believe that when you feel good you look good. Our CBD products are carefully formulated to alleviate the pressures of everyday life. We did this by creating two lines of products: Blush Beauty and Blush Desire.

Blush Beauty combines high quality ingredients from the beauty industry with the benefits of broad spectrum CBD to create a line of products that will be your new skin and hair regimen. This line was designed to protect, soothe, and slow down the pressures of everyday life on your skin and hair.

Blush Desire was designed to alleviate the pressures on your body and mind. This line combines broad spectrum CBD with the benefits of essential oils, crystals, and vitamins. There are five Desires: Balance, Awaken, Soothe, Serenity, and PMS.

Let’s face it, it’s hard to look good when you’re not feeling good.

Millions of dollars are spent every year on products that will make you look good in hopes that it will make you feel good. We reversed that, our products are made to start within. Once you are able to feel good you will naturally look good.

Blush CBD made specifically for women! We fuse powerful ingredients to help you thrive from the inside out!

Blush Wellness is about fusing together locally sourced CBD & other powerful ingredients for real results.

We stay in constant communication with Blush members to give you what you want and need most.


CBD-infused wellness solutions that’ll have you glowing from inside out.



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Collagen Boosting

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Period Relieving



Blush Wellness helps you meet challenges you face inside your body - then fuels your skin with powerful CBD-infused nutrients to help you glow.