1000mg Balance Tincture

1 oz Tincture • 1000mg C3lizawBD

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All about balance + everyday wellness.

What it is: A delicious 1000 MG CBD tincture designed to keep you feeling balanced and at ease throughout your day.

Why It’s Special:

  • All-natural Lemon Ginger & Orange Creamsicle flavors are delicious and easy to enjoy.
  • 1000 MG Broad Spectrum CBD helps fuel your endocannabinoid system to promote a sense of internal balance.
  • Always organic and powerful.

Things That Matter: Broad Spectrum CBD, gmo-free, cruelty free, lab tested.



Reported increased feelings of balance.


Reported feeling better in their body.


Reported smooth, enjoyable flavor.

51 reviews for 1000mg Balance Tincture

  1. Laury F

    I really need someone from customer service to contact me about cancelling my current order.

  2. Katie L

    This is the best tasting CBD oil I’ve tried! Helps me to fall asleep quicker.

  3. Ann T

    I prefer the lemon ginger flavor over the dreamsicle flavor. However, more than balancing, this tincture seemed to help heartburn.

  4. angel

    Gentle and effective mood stabilizer during an incredibly stressful. Takes the edge off, while relaxing my body. Best self-care of 2022.

  5. Rachel Hastings

    Loved the gummies and drops! They definitely helped keep me and my husband calm and they were amazing to assist with falling asleep and staying asleep all night long!

  6. Addie

    These products don’t work. They didn’t help with cramps or headaches or any other symptoms. The products are also ridiculously expensive. I had really high hopes, but unfortunately these let me down.

  7. Ainsley

    Love the blush gummies for sleep.

  8. Samantha

    I have both the lemon ginger and the creamsicle tinctures, and the gummies. I love the gummies and the creamsicle tincture, but the lemon-ginger is a little bit strong tasting for me. The effects seem to be good though- two droppers before bed and I’m down for the count for 9+ hours (this is a good thing when your usual sleep schedule is 4 hours at a time!)

  9. Ashley

    I take a half dropper or less right before bed, and though I didn’t previously have trouble sleeping, I feel like I’m more rested when I awaken. I can’t wait till my next order. This is truly great! I had previously been skeptical about CBD but I love it ~

  10. Isabel K

    I had great results with the Balance CBD Calm Gummies and I also tried the Balance 1000mg CBD Tincture. It helps with calming my joint pain and helps me get thru the day. There are no side effects of drowsiness or lack of energy. My daughter also started taking it for her fibromyalgia and she has felt the difference.

  11. Amako D

    The taste is amazing! But the product didn:t work for me. After doing some research found out this was broad spectrum instead of full. I felt no change ‘with this tincture. Other than that the flavor was amazing!

  12. R. Hall

    This cbd oil is surprisingly tasty. I chose the ginger. It’s great. The cbd relaxes me quickly. I have
    Multiple sclerosis and have trouble being consistent. This cbd oil has helped my body heal itself.

  13. Athena

    Made very well & I have tried high end and other organic brands. Taste is amazing. But be sure to start little by little with your amount. To much will make you sleepy or dehydrated. In my experience. This Cbd has really helped with stress and anxiety during this time. I would highly recommend to anyone. Im grateful to have found this company.

  14. Anon H

    Works great. Sleep better

  15. Mrs. O

    This tincture is AMAZING. helps manage my anxiety and tastes great.

  16. G. Schienbein

    I’ve tried a couple of different CBD brands and this one by far tastes the best (I got the orange dreamsicle). I find it does help me stay asleep and the look and feel of the product are great as well.

  17. Azita

    I’m super impressed with all the Blush products I’ve tried so far!

  18. Quinn

    Products are awesome! Definitely helping me and my family!

  19. Amanda

    Tastes great and made me feel very happy and chill throughout the day.

  20. Meg

    I absolutely love this tincture! Total game changer when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

  21. TMac

    Taste of tinctures and gummies are amazing! Serenity gummies with added melatonin give me a gentle relaxation when preparing for bed or during a stressful day, without any grogginess.

  22. B. Pattison

    Absolutely amazing, I take them often and I feel wonderful! It makes me refreshed and focused. And balanced!

  23. Edmgirl07

    I love my 1000mg Balance Tincture! It helps take the edge off with my anxiety it has such a calming effect. It also helps me as I suffer from migraines so it does help with the pain. I absolutely love the orange creamsicle flavor!


    Tincture is my go to! I have referred several of my friends and family members to this tincture for help with anxiety, procrastination, concentration and all together balance. Definitely a good staple to have on hand.

  25. hayhay16

    This is ok. It has a pleasant taste, but I don’t get much of an effect. But tincture normally doesn’t work the best for me. Gummies are more potent

  26. Madison

    I have tried a few different cbd oils,but since I tried Blush,I’;m now no longer looking. After reading some reviews on their site,I decided to give them a try and I’m so thankful I did. I placed my order and it was quickly delivered,I was so impressed with the packaging, it’s a shiny pink package,so pretty,I took out the oil and it was in a pretty cardboard circular tube,to keep it protected,I eagerly took off the cap and used one dropper full of the oil and was so pleased,the taste is so good,which makes using this oil pleasant and within about 10 minutes I could feel my body relaxing! I will only use Blush tincture from now on,I highly recommend you give them a try!

  27. Stardust

    I love the flavor! It tastes just like an orange creamsicle. I also love how relaxed it makes me feel. Definitely recommend if you have anxiety. The price is great too for how many mg you’re getting.

  28. TessaG

    CBD tincture was the only thing that helped my post-IUD insertion cramping! Looking forward to trying it during my period and for other symptoms.

  29. Eva

    The taste is a little funky and it’s hard to get the dosing right. Usually end up taking more than I want to. I tried the tincture as everything was 50% off, but will be sticking to the gummies from now on.

  30. Mitzi P

    Really love the Blush tincture – keeps me feeling very relaxed and calm as well as helps me fall asleep.

  31. Kris Pham

    I’ve bought CBD oil from websites that are better reviewed and CBD that has won more awards but blush works best for me. I love the taste and I buy it whenever I can afford it. Definitely worth a try.

  32. T Morgan

    It may be that I’m used to gummies more than oil, but I’m not a huge fan of the oily residue that it leaves on your lips after taking. Tastes great though and works well!

  33. Twyx

    Great flavor! Great product! Works amazingly! Phenomenal customer service as well!

  34. Ashley M

    This cbd is the only one that really kicks my headaches every time. I’ve tried more expensive brands and this one beats them time and again. Great price, great formula, great taste.

  35. Michael B

    I use this oil often and really like it. The taste is pleasant, and I notice a difference whenever I do take it. I usually take it in the morning but anytime I’ve taken it for sleeping, it’s always helped!

  36. Caroline D

    This tincture helps me manage stress, overall balance, anxiety, pain, fatigue, and exhaustion. I sleep better and am less prone to agitation with blush balance formula. The product is tasty, high potency, and excellent quality.

  37. Anechoic

    I definitely prefer the Gummies , depending on what your looking for , this product didn’t work for what I wanted

  38. Bee T

    I love this oil. I use it before bedtime; and it helps me fall asleep; stay asleep. It also has a wonderful flavor!

  39. Oh Phoque

    tastes like fruit loops, really like that and the body feel it gives. not as strong as the gummies from my experience but really worth a try.

  40. tumbldryonlow

    This was my first time trying a CBD tincture and I loved it more than expected. It really does taste JUST like an orange creamsicle and I noticed a difference in my mood within minutes.

  41. Felisha Y

    made the mistake of getting this before doing more research, got convinced to purchase because of the cute packaging. you want full spectrum in cbd products, not broad. for what they give you, it’s pricey

  42. Emily D.

    Love the skincare products. Good customer service.

  43. YuliyaB B

    I have trouble sleeping and staying asleep. The tincture helps me feel calm and helps me sleep. I like that I don’t feel groggy when I wake up in the morning. I like the ginger flavor than the orange Creamsicle.

  44. Kareen Lee

    Smell ok, work average

  45. Dagenais T

    don’t fall for the cute packaging. do your research and you’ll know this is too expensive for what it is

  46. Lise

    I love this cbd tincture – the Orange creamsicle flavor is amazing, and the texture is just right. This is a pleasant addition to my wellness regimen!

  47. maki

    Just bought one and I love it!!! I like to put some in my coffees and teas.

  48. Reannon L

    My go-to product to relieve anxiety , and put in a relaxing state especially before bed ! Long time returning / recommending customer!

  49. Lynzie L

    I bought this tincture for my daughter. She really love it

  50. Brianna A

    Love the skincare products. Good customer service.

  51. Osama B

    Love it!

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