Gentle Cleanser

50mg CBD • 3fl oz - 89ml

(41 customer reviews)


Refreshing, nourishing + clarifying all day long.

What it is: A gentle, yet powerful CBD cleanser packed with antioxidants and amino acids for clean, clear, and hydrated skin.

Why It’s Special:

  • A powerful blend of CBD, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Chamomile Oil, and Aloe for the most nutrient-rich cleansing experience you’ve ever had.
  • Botanically-derived ingredients infuse your cells with antioxidants and amino acids known to keep the skin bright, glowing, and youthful.
  • Leaves your skin feeling deliciously refreshed, yet hydrated.

Things That Matter: Broad Spectrum CBD, gmo free, cruelty free, pesticide free, lab tested.



Reported their skin felt fresh all day long.


Reported smoother and more hydrated skin.


Reported the formula was gentle, yet powerful.

41 reviews for Gentle Cleanser

  1. Vivian 2

    It’s definitely helped with my stress breakouts. I love it!

  2. VC

    Cleansing with CBD is helping my skin remain healthy from the outside in.

  3. Meghan L

    I love using CBD skincare products.

  4. Madelyn A

    To be honest I was very skeptical about this product but I give it a try and I love the serum, and cleanser. My skin just feel like renovated.

  5. Daisy girl

    Loved the light fragrance & how it felt on my skin when I was applying it.

  6. Kim T

    The product is pretty watery and isnt thick at all. Not worth $39.99

  7. Andrea V

    My skin is LOVING this cleanser. It takes off my makeup and doesn’t leave my skin dry and tight afterward.

  8. adorita

    The best! My blackheads and deep acne are def not as noticeable. When used with the serum and moisturizer, it’s amazing.

  9. Caro A

    My product came with no pump as it must have broken off.

  10. JOJO

    A fragrance free product I trust to cleanse my skin. No irritation and my skin felt clean afterwards.

  11. Love my life

    My skin always feels so clean and refreshed after I use this cleanser! Highly recommend

  12. Luisito h

    I’ve really enjoyed using the new CBD+ cleanser. It’s gentle, yet effective. I love the silkiness of the formula.

  13. Sy My

    Really enjoying this cleanser and how gently it feels on my face. Especially around my eyes!

  14. Shana R

    I’ve never been the one to try cbd products but with this new line, I feel comfortable using it because I know it’s clean beauty!

  15. Priscilla U

    I love the new CBD calming cleanser! It makes my skin feel clean yet still moisturized without drying out my skin.

  16. Rebecca P

    Love how it made my skins feel!

  17. Gilberto

    I love that there is a product I can turn to that actually works and is gentle enough for my sensitive skin!

  18. Caroline F

    Perfect for my sensitive skin! Love the whole CBD series.

  19. Mrs. Brown

    Not work at all. Waste money !

  20. L Lan

    Im always fan of a CBD skincare. I love how my skin turn out into smooth and really soft. My skin doesnt dry after rinsing it.

  21. Jeanne K

    It has a mild lather, very minimal scent and seems to cleanse well.

  22. Julie m

    The cleanser feels so amazing on my skin. I use it in the morning to wake my skin and right before bed to pamper my skin.

  23. Victoria B

    I would recommend this product to anyone who experiences dry skin or redness as its super calming!

  24. Andy Truong

    I love this cleanser, it removes my make-up and leaves my skin feeling clean without drying it out!

  25. Book lover

    It’s very rich and easy to work into a lather. My skin feels so clean after using it!

  26. Ran

    I love using this product at night because after I wash my face with it I feel so relaxed and calm.

  27. Buck’s Doe

    It’s smoother and softer I love it and I could recommend enough I’m buying the moisturizer as well!!

  28. Ani K

    Got a broken bottle. I’m really not satisfied with this product

  29. hardik khatri

    I just love this new CBD line – it’s creamy and light. I love adding it to my existing Blush skin care routine!

  30. Jiseung 4

    Happy to report I haven’t had any flare-ups. The CBD cleanser has instead helped my skin gained a natural glow and calmness

  31. Celinerulz! U

    I’ve been using the CBD cleanser for a few weeks now and the results continue to excite me more and more each day.

  32. Carolina Y

    Great texture, non-irritating, and soothing.

  33. Kristen R

    Definitely helped reduce redness for me

  34. Allaboutfate77

    Very moisturizing and effective at removing makeup at the same time.

  35. MtlSwim

    I didn’t like how it didn’t lather up with bubbles but after I liked how my face like squeaky clean. Gentle on skin mild scent but very light. I have sensitive skin

  36. Emily Huyen

    One of the best cleaners I’ve used gentle on my face

  37. Margie

    Love this cleanser and plan to keep it in my shower at all times.

  38. Grace B

    It doesn’t leave your face oily. One pump is good for your whole face so this stuff lasts awhile!

  39. Manitoba Reader

    I’m pleasantly surprised! It’s definitely helped the redness on my cheeks calm down an immense amount and it leaves my skin feeling clean

  40. blush_admin

    The product is good for sensitive skin, but it is not as thick as I wanted. It is about the consistency of a moisturizing liquid soap

  41. blush_admin

    I love how moisturizing this feels, it’s super creamy when you put it on.

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