Lip Mask

25mg CBD • .21fl oz - 7ml

(48 customer reviews)


A supernutrient mask for plump + delicious lips.

What it is: A nutrient-rich lip mask that hydrates, plumps, and conditions your skin with Broad Spectrum CBD, Sunflower Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, and super ingredient Luo Han Guo.

Why It’s Special:

  • It’s packed with supernutrients Broad Spectrum CBD and Luo Han Guo, which work together to infuse your lips with nutrients that hydrate, plump, and prime lips for any occasion.
  • Sunflower Seed and Jojoba Oils help protect delicate skin against premature aging.
  • This formula also acts as a deeply nurturing primer for smooth lipstick and lipgloss application.

Things That Matter: Broad Spectrum CBD, gmo free, cruelty free, pesticide free, lab tested.

Collagen Boosting


Reported their lips were smoother and plumper.


Reported their lips felt more kissable.


Reported less wrinkles around their mouth.

48 reviews for Lip Mask

  1. Laurel G

    Smells delightful! Not a thick enough balm for me but good for a conditioner.

  2. Anna A

    Was very easy to apply, with only a small amount needed. Have used it now at night usually, and once or so during day.

  3. jim roche

    This has become my favorite night time lip mask. I use it right before bed and wake up with soft lips.

  4. Mia O

    I tried this out and it is absolutely soothing my soreness and dryness. I’ll definitely order more. Great product on a normal day and a life saver today!!!

  5. Young c

    love this lip mask: calms, moisturises, plumps. stops me picking and licking my lips.

  6. cartright7

    I highly recommend this product. A little goes a long way and it smells absolutely amazing.

  7. Ale9234

    The Blush Lip mask is amazingly silky thick goodness on my lips. It’s used before bed, as I put on my makeup, actually anytime.

  8. mmj4m

    I absolutely love this product. Chicago winters are harsh and this does the trick.

  9. Henry O

    I love this product. It feels very refreshing and the balm lasts quite a while on my lips. So when I’m wearing my mask its perfect.

  10. Alica R

    Amazing product, keeps my lips soft and healthy

  11. bob654

    I bought this stuff today. Omg, my lips are so much better after applying it. The masks on my face at work all day has my lips dried n chapped.

  12. Carl W

    Simply delicious. It plumps and soothes and smells divine.

  13. JR T

    have tried many lip products to eradicate very dry corners of mouth – this product is excellent.

  14. Hammer

    I love this! Keeps my lips moist through the dry winter months. And my husband loves it too

  15. Taylor P

    This is the perfect calm-me-down and soothe-my-lips for the night! Absolutely LOVE this product

  16. Twyla H

    Incredible product, best lip balm I’ve Ever used. Smells amazing, tingles on your lips and makes them surge with moisture, glossy & plump.

  17. James C

    Love it. My lips haven’t been this soft and smooth in ages!

  18. Adam D

    Very hydrating

  19. Kiko T

    1 STAR for product quality

  20. Margaret S

    Apply on twice a day but my lip still dry. Might not for me!!!

  21. SalesmanSpence

    This product have left my lips moisturize all day, it’s glossy and smells great

  22. Josh C

    Easy applicator tip and quickly absorbed. Pleasant and effective.

  23. Emma R

    can’t live without this!

  24. Rowe F

    It’s smooth and not sticky, nourishes my lips, and smells good!

  25. Jbut210

    This gloss appears goopy at first but goes on smooth and feels great.

  26. Suzanne E

    Tastes nice and tingly when it first goes n

  27. dawn

    Such a nice and smooth lip mask! I sometimes get irritated lips from eczema and the weather where I live is also really dry but this balm really helps calm my skin issues.

  28. Cindy D


  29. james m

    Waste of money!!!!

  30. Jamie Y

    Might be fine in the summer but no good for winter chapped lips. Not for me anyway.

  31. Jadziapax

    I enjoy using this product. My lips are soft & it smells great as well. Not a greasy product.

  32. Misty M

    Used almost a month. My lips feel softer, I think slightly more healthy looking.

  33. Nicole B

    I just love this!!! One of the BEST Skincare Products I have Ever Found!!
    I just wish I could buy a lifetime supply of it!! And it Smells Delicious!! Five stars!!

  34. Loulou

    It leaves a gorgeous glossy look, the only downside is if it’s windy all my hair wants to do is get stuck in it

  35. Bernabe L

    It feels lovely when you put it on and very soothing but it doesn’t last very long before I need to reapply.

  36. Lynne T

    Received sample and was addicted from the first time I used it. Great scent, not strong and the balm itself left my lips soft and moist.

  37. Karen W

    Was worried this would make my combination skin oily but so far it’s only been hydrating, oiliness intact. To the point that I wake up with my skin still feeling hydrated. I love the smell and ingredients and I use it every night. I want to buy a bunch to use forever

  38. Noelle L

    Lovely to use and conditions lips well.

  39. Wendy M

    Best lip mask for severe chapped lips. I started seeing healing effects almost overnight; it even works on cold sores.

  40. James J


  41. Carrie C

    Liked the smell but caused lips to become very dry and flaky.

  42. Gail O

    This stuff works so well! My lips were getting very dry this winter and this was a pretty much immediate fix! I love this stuff!

  43. Bethany C

    I have been using this for it a year and love it. I have very dry lips and this has worked wonderfully in moisturizing and softening them.

  44. Rhonda B

    It doesn’t really moisturize your lips. I don’t really notice any difference. Will not recommend!

  45. Luly

    I love the way this oil makes my skin look and feel.

  46. Carol M

    A friend recommended Blush because I struggled with dry lips. I say struggled because that is no longer the case! I’ve been using this lip mask for a week and my lips look and feel amazing.

  47. Bobbie T

    I love this product and it stays on. I spend a lot of time at the gym and often get dry lips, having to frequently apply. This product actually stays on for my workout!

  48. Tobin T

    I love my CBD lip mask. It makes my lips feel so soft

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