PMS CBD Bath Salts

6 oz bag • 125mg CBD

(43 customer reviews)


Soak your period cramps away.

What it is: A powerful and calming blend of Broad Spectrum CBD, Epsom, and Himalayan Salts formulated to help ease body discomfort.

Why It’s Special:

  • Easily absorbed into your body and helps prime your endocannabinoid system for everyday wellness.
  • Lemongrass Oil and May Chang inspire the senses and help ease feelings of discomfort.
  • It’s luxurious. Softens and moisturizes your skin as you soak.

Things That Matter: Broad Spectrum CBD, all-natural, cruelty free, appropriate for all skin types, lab tested.

For Periods


Reported decreased feelings of discomfort.


Reported easing of cramps.


Reported looser muscles and joints.

43 reviews for PMS CBD Bath Salts

  1. Katie T

    I tried these bath salts tonight after the gym and I love them. The scent is very nice and I love that it foams! It was a very relaxing bath and took my muscle soreness away. I highly recommend this product

  2. Kaila

    No smell at all. Disappointed !!!

  3. POPO

    I do not know how I got by that time of month without this. I cannot recommend this product enough. I am literally soaking my cramps away and I am loving

  4. Riley P

    OMG! I have never enjoyed bath salts more than this. They smell so good. I use them during the worst day of my period I felt better. My cramps went away quickly and I was able to just relax. Love them.

  5. Anita R

    Works well and would purchase again

  6. Laila G

    I’m a MASSIVE salt bath fan & this blend is incredible. Smells sooo good & is so relaxing, plus the packaging is adorable, good job Blush!

  7. Rose B

    Simply amazing! I’m a bath lover and I am going to use these both during my period and when I’m off my period. I just love them so much.

  8. Colette J

    OMG! I am going to recommend this to EVERYONE! I’ll admit I have actually started using this more than needed. It’s just so soothing and the smell is so beautiful.

  9. Justin F

    You can literally feel the discomfort melt away in the bath.

  10. Robert O

    The smelll was soo alluring after my sister first used it I actually tried using it myself… and WOW. I did originally purchase this for my sister but now we are sharing. Absolutely in love. Great job Blush!

  11. Jenny D

    Bath salts are good… But these are in a league of their own! It’s an uplifting mood boost that I have not previously experienced with other products.

  12. Matthew J

    Bath salts for periods! Yes, they rock! My new go to

  13. Tonya M

    Best bath salts! Love the way they smell. They have really help my cramps so far. I can’t wait to try them again. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want my period to come again anytime soon, but this really makes a difference for me.

  14. Heather H

    I expected it to become very coarse or rough but it’s not! The bath salts dissolves smoothly on warm water. It is indeed soothing and pleasing.

  15. Kathy H

    I’m surprised on the fast shpping. Upon seeing the package, I’m amazed with the quality of the chocolate bites. Well recommended.

  16. Anne O

    I get horrible cramps and decided to try. I opened up the salts and was surprised at how good they smell. Tried them in my bath tonight and my cramps went away. My skin felt great. I like this stuff a lot!

  17. Kirsti S

    These bath salts smell so good. I can practically eat them 🙂 I know that sounds funny but you have to get them to see what I mean. I love the way they make my skin feel and they relieve my crowns nicely. I am ordering them on a monthly basis.

  18. Gabrielle S

    Cramps suck. There is no getting around it. I get so sick and tired of feeling crappy and I saw these bath salts. Gave them a try the other night and can’t believe how much better I felt. I wish I had a huge bag of them 🙂

  19. Anne C

    It’s that time of the month!

  20. Courtney K

    MUST get for all you salt bath lovers, they smell SO good, & I feel SO RELAXED afterwards! Such a treat!

  21. Anita Chan

    Just upgraded my bathtime!

  22. Chris T

    I love the smell, and the application is super simple and easy. It’s a lovely product!

  23. Lisa Le

    First of all, the packaging is beautiful. It was like getting a pretty present in the mail. The bag itself has enough for 5-6 baths, which I think is a great deal. It comes with a scooper so it makes it easy to put the proper amount in the tub. After taking a bath, I felt so relaxed and helped me feel better too.

  24. afwewafewfe

    These bath salts arrived quickly than expected. It’s perfect for a relaxing night in the tub. It helps me unwind and it moisturizes my skin.

  25. MM

    Hate cramps and this helped me alot

  26. Beverly S

    I have yet to find a PMS bath salt that matches the smell and quality of this Blush product. It’s amazing how it immediately became my number 1 product after one purchase. Will definitely have more of it.

  27. Alina Yang

    I’ve used a lot of bath salts and I have to tell you that this CBD one is a winner! Relaxes me and smells amazing.

  28. Beverly M

    Was very relaxing and didn’t make my skin irritated

  29. Michael A

    Bath salts are #1priority in my bathroom. I’ve tried to use this blend since it’s not the usual bath salts that you buy from the store. I totally agree with the effect. The pain that the cramps cause lessens until I become okay. Not just that, my skin looks really nice.

  30. sabrina s

    This is the first CBD bath salt I’ve ever used and I wish I had known about it earlier. I like how it makes my period more bearable. Will keep coming here and make sure I have stock at home.


    Well priced and can use up to 6 baths. Not bad at all! Kept ordering after few weeks to ease the discomfort when I have cramps!

  32. Anna. Co

    Tried the bath salts yesterday and the patch today. I feel so great! Shocked at how well these seem to work!

  33. UI

    Waste waste waste

  34. Ellen H

    I LOVE THESE! They smell amazing and my skin was so soft after using them. I get really bad cramps and I noticed a difference after a few minutes! not to mention the packaging was beautiful!

  35. Esperanza D

    I ordered the CBD bath salts, roll-on and cramp relief patches. I am 44 and recently have been getting cramps so bad where I feel like I need to go to the hospital. They keep me from doing much. I’ve tried taking ibuprofen and using a heating pad. These have helped me but very mildly.
    I decided to look around and found BLUSH Company. I read the reviews and it sounded like something that might work.
    I’ve used the bath salts and the roll-on. I can totally feel the relief! My cramps were at a 10 and now I feel like they are at a 4. The pain is so much more manageable I haven’t even had to use the patches yet!
    I roll the oil on my abdomen and lower back. I also rub it on my temples. I take a hot bath with the bath salts in the first and second day of my cycle.
    I will definitely be reordering once I get low!
    Thank you thank you thank you for creating something that works for me!

  36. Rebacca 5

    So relaxing!

  37. Tate L

    This products is everything I wanted it to be and more! I get debilitating period cramps, and a nice bath with these salts eases the pain within minutes! Not only does it help my pain, but the cbd is very soothing, and it smells amazing! 10/10 recommend!

  38. Michelle P

    OBSESSED. smells incredible and actually work!

  39. Jennifer M


  40. Andrea L

    A lovely scent and texture with the bath salts. Very relaxing.

  41. jaret g

    I love that this brand is all natural! that is very important to me! I also love that it has CBD in it cause it really works effectively with my body. I am so amazed by their products and WANT TO TRY EVERYTHING!!! Even their clothes are super cute and trendy! NEED!!!

  42. Alex

    The smell was a bit strange and it left my skin itchy. I’m pretty sensitive tho. I still used it a few more times. Very relaxing.

  43. Debra F

    I ordered several items from this merchant and the next day the website was taken down, my money for the order had been deducted from my account, and I never heard another thing from them. Thank God my bank resolved the issue and refunded my money.

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