Soothe CBD Bath Bomb

1 bath bomb • 100mg CBD

(58 customer reviews)


Soothe your aches away in the comfort of your tub.

What it is: The most soothing & delicious smelling CBD bath bomb you’ll ever try.

Why It’s Special:

  • Packed with Broad Spectrum CBD + Epsom Salt that helps soothe tension and promotes bodily comfort.
  • Dives through your pores and into your endocannabinoid system to promote wellness.
  • Ylang Yalang, Lavender Essential Oil & Sandalwood Essential Oil ease muscle aches and inspire your body to let go.

Things That Matter: Broad Spectrum CBD, gmo free, gluten free, cruelty free, pesticide free, lab tested.

Smells Amazing


Reported a more blissful sleep following their soak.


Reported an instant feeling of calm when entering tub.


Reported softer, more luscious skin.

58 reviews for Soothe CBD Bath Bomb

  1. Caleb N

    Not damaged when I received it so I know it’s packaged carefully. I love it even more when I used it.

  2. Joyce C

    I made it a habit to use this whenever I have to write a project proposal on a daily basis. It helps me clear my mind and be laser-focused on what I have to do throughout the day.

  3. Harvey I

    Smells better than a perfume in the authentic bottle. I am sure that I’m not wasting any money on this.

  4. Paul W

    Love this product so much keep going back to buy it over and over. Thank you!

  5. Angel F

    I am satisfied. I will definitely purchase more as a gift for my Mom soon.

  6. Lynn S

    Thank you for these wonderful bath bombs. Makes such a difference for me.

  7. alexis g

    I don’t feel grumpy after using these CBD bath bombs. I got tons of compliments of how I smell and how I no longer lash out my stress out each time.

  8. Diane R

    The price is very reasonable. Amazing packaging, great effects and true to its promise.

  9. Susan M

    I was hesitant at first because I don’t feel like using CBD for my body. After giving this bath bomb a chance, I was speechless. Aside from it being so fragrant, it’s calming and it eases my tensed muscles.

  10. Christie K

    The smell is wonderful. I feel like I no longer need to use other body wash which is amazing.

  11. Eugene P

    I love how it’s calming my nerves and clears my mind. It’s a promising CBD bath bomb.

  12. Klgb

    It soothes my aching joints and muscles after a tiring day from work. Definitely recommended!

  13. Steve

    I recommend this to anyone who would like to relax and feel great. It does not need a lot of time to be ready before you soak in your tub unlike other bath bombs that you have to put in minutes before you take a bath.

  14. Shock

    It’s super easy to dissolve and does not form clumps which I love.

  15. Su Su

    Terrible terrible terrible !!!!

  16. Joe D

    It works so quickly to take the edge off of my anxiety and soothe my pain. It smells a little strongly at first, but the smell fades quickly. Highly recommend soothe!!!

  17. Steven B

    I highly recommend this. I got it to soothe joint paint and relax my anxiety. I put it in my diaper bag on the go and use it at home.

  18. Megan

    This product really works! It smells great, and was incredibly relaxing. I really love it.

  19. Autumn

    You’re never oily or slick after using it. The scent is both light and invigorating. I used it around my temples.

  20. Lin K

    I really loved the smooth texture of the sunflower oil and it goes on lightly.

  21. Jhinky E


  22. Theresa G

    Average quality! 3 STARS

  23. Wendy R

    It has a slight CBD smell, but it doesn’t linger nor is it overwhelming. The packaging is so beautiful too!

  24. Irma R

    It leaves you feeling relaxed and calm when you just need to catch your breath.

  25. Loon A

    Dont expect too much on this Bath Bomb. Not recommend!!!

  26. Nick L

    It helps keep me calm throughout the day and smells amazing.

  27. Allie Ham

    A product I bring with me everywhere. It’s fast acting and works wonders for my anxiety.

  28. Zachary

    It’s small enough to put it in my purse or pocket to roll-on whenever I want to.

  29. Maria

    Love how portable this is. Highly recommend for anyone dealing with anxiety or sleep issues.

  30. Brandi K

    The is the most amazing roll on I have tried. The aroma is very calming and soothing

  31. Jt

    The Sooth CBD Roll-On has been so helpful while working from home with a young child especially during this pandemic when you need a little stress and anxiety relief.

  32. Carlos P

    Every single product I have bought from Blush amazes me! I will continue to be a loyal customer for the rest of my life!

  33. Debra 22

    This bath bomb did not leave a stain in my tub which is very nice because some other bath bombs that I purchased from other sites leaves a stain in my tub.

  34. Jesse M.

    The soothe bath bomb smells nice and refreshing, and once I went in to the tub, and I literally felt my skin feel so smooth and it also relaxes my muscles. Worth any penny!!!

  35. Shawn Men

    Love the fact that it is small so I can easily take it with me on the go!

  36. Diana Pham

    Terrible product

  37. J M

    I have been battling a lot of anxiety recently so I was happy to find a product to help naturally relieve some of this stress. The Soothe Roll on was just what I needed! I have added this to my self care routine and love the fact that it is made with hemp infused nutrients.

  38. Karen

    Apply to pressure points and get ready to relax!

  39. Tabitha A

    Highly recommend this CBD Bath Bomb

  40. Sujan O

    I absolutely would purchase this again. This soothe CBD roll on is a life changer

  41. HH

    This one smells so good, and it’s not overwhelming. I felt very relaxed during my bath and for quite a while after. My skin felt so soft after too! Definitely will get this again!

  42. Amy M

    It really is so relaxing and my skin felt smooth when I got out of the bath. My back pain went away from it too.

  43. Lisa L

    I love this it helps with my back pain that I have from a car accident it works wonders on any pain that you may have.

  44. Todd M

    These bath bombs make your skin feel incredible while also relaxing your tired and sore muscles and melt the stress of the day away!

  45. James Ed

    It’s perfect to carry around with you. It also has helped me relax a little bit during these uncertain times.

  46. Katie Lee

    Goes on smooth and doesn’t remain oily. The smell is wonderful.

  47. Donetta H

    I absolutely love this product! I roll Soothe on in the morning before a stressful day at work. If something pops up during the day I take it out of purse and rolls on a little more. Great CBD

  48. Samantha

    The best products!!!

  49. Martha X

    Love the smell and that leaves my skin feeling very smooth.

  50. Teresa O

    Love the soothe bath bomb. Very worth the money

  51. Emily B

    Blush cbd bath bombs are my favorite. I’ve tried others but they just dont live up. The scents are mild but lovely, and the are perfect for post workout baths. My muscles thank me every time! These are the most effect cbd bombs I found.

  52. Carolyn S

    Not meet my expectation. Will not buy again

  53. Mike Z

    Love the soothe bath bomb. Love the smell and that leaves my skin feeling very smooth.

  54. Vivian

    This was a great product to have when I am stressed or in pain. I use it for my cramps during that time of the month and it works wonders. It feels great on the skin.

  55. Ivana W

    Easy to use and smell good

  56. Leo M

    I was in pain, applied to wrists and went smooth out! Love the subtle smell.
    Thank you

  57. Damian T

    This bath bomb is EVERYTHING. It smells amazing. The quality is great. Came in enough packaging that it kept its round shape and wasn’t broken. It was so soothing and relaxing. I will only use blush bath bombs from here on out. Overall great product!!! I will reorder all their bath bombs and keep them stocked. Perfect for an at home spa day or a much needed relaxing end of day bath. Thank you blush!!

  58. Amy Dao

    They smell great and they are super calming but it doesn’t last long at all.

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