Whether you take baths regularly or are wanting to begin taking more baths, it’s important that you know how good they are for you.

According to a handful of studies surrounding baths, they are beneficial for the following reasons:

The secret to having out of this world baths is to go the extra mile to make them soothing, calming and revitalizing. Here’s how we recommend you set the tone:

#1 – Focus on Ambience

The Secret to Enjoying the Most Relaxing & Nurturing Bath Session

Do everything you can to make your bathroom as zen and peaceful as possible. Turn the lights down or off, light some candles, and turn on some calming music.

#2 – Drop a Soothe or Serenity CBD Bath Bombs Into the Tub

Depending on the essential oils you love most and what you’re trying to accomplish with your bath, you can chose between a Soothe and Serenity CBD Bath Bombs.

Both contain Broad Spectrum CBD, Epsom Salts, and powerful essential oils. Soothe was developed to help ease aches, pains, and skin irritations.

Serenity on the other hand was created to help promote relaxation and prime the body for restful sleep.

Both bath bombs are extremely nurturing and hydrating for your skin.

#3 – Pamper Your Face and Eyes with a Nutrient-Rich Masks

While soaking, you can up the pampering ante with a CBD Bio-Cellulose Face Mask or Eye Mask. The amazing thing about Bio-Cellulose Technology is that it drives plant-based nutrients deep into your skin to help hydrate, plump, and firm.

They key with face masks and eye masks is to keep them on for 15-20 minutes, but don’t be surprised if they relax you so much that you want to keep them on for longer.

#4 – Let Go for at Least 20-30 Minutes

Finally, it’s important that you give yourself permission to relax and completely let go. Don’t look at your cell phone (even consider leaving it out of the bathroom) and do everything you can to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Keep reminding yourself that you deserve relaxation!

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